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We Make Ourselves Accessible To You

Why It's Important For You To Have Access To Us

Responsiveness and accessibility are the two issues we hear raised most often by clients who have had a bad experience in the past with an immigration law firm.

If you have ready access to your immigration lawyer, and to the team of people working in your immigration law firm - if they are responsive to you - then you have an important measure of control over a process that's vital to you.

If your immigration team is not accessible, it's easy to feel lost in a bureaucracy and a process that can seem alien to you.

The IHLI team goes the extra mile to make itself accessible to you. Here are several ways we do this:


No one ever "has" time to give you. They only make time for you. Your dedicated IHL Immigration Case Manager will ensure that he or she - along with the entire IHLI team - make the time to answer your questions, address your concerns, and do the work that's vital to you. Giving of our time is the most important way we make ourselves accessible to you.


To be the best at immigration, you have to live immigration and think immigration. One of the many ways we do that at IHL Immigration is to walk in our clients' shoes - by speaking their languages and cultivating first-hand knowledge of their home countries. Our immigration professionals collectively speak ten languages in-house: English, Spanish, Russian, Armenian, Italian, French, Portuguese, Hebrew, Farsi and Arabic. They have first-hand living experience and area knowledge of countries where those languages are spoken. If a client comes to us from another country or language background, we'll serve them by pulling in the outside translators or expertise we need. But our in-house language and area knowledge gives us the mindset and frame of reference needed to deliver best-in-class service to all clients.


We have convenient office locations in the two largest immigration markets in the country: two in the New York metropolitan area (in Union, NJ and Brooklyn, NY), and one in the Los Angeles area. Our clients in these markets can visit our offices for face-to-face communication and interaction with the immigration professionals serving them.
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