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We Give You the Best in Customer Care



"Customer Care" refers to the relationship that we establish with you, our client - from the moment you engage us until our assignment for you is completed.

"Customer Care" means you get personalized assistance and communication from us every step of the way along the immigration process. It means that our organization configures itself to your needs - not the other way around.

"Customer Care" at IHL Immigration means that three individuals and teams work together, on a daily basis, to advance your case and to give you best-in-class service;

  • Your IHL Immigration Case Manager:  this is the staff member who is assigned to manage your immigration case to a successful conclusion. He or she will establish a personal relationship with you. You will get to know each other on a first-name basis. Your Case Manager will be available to you at all times to answer questions or concerns. He or she will be responsible for coordinating all resources of IHL Immigration to achieve your immigration objectives, and for keeping you informed and up-to-date throughout the entire process.

  • The IHL Immigration Legal Team:  our team of lawyers will work on the legal aspects of your immigration case, and will be available to address any needs, questions or concerns you have of a legal nature.

  • The IHL Immigration Support Team: our team of non-legal immigration experts will work with our Legal Team to process your case as quickly and effectively as possible. They will help you with everything from drafting personal statements, to filling out forms, to preparing for interviews and court hearings.

"Customer Care" at IHL means that we will communicate with you, and keep you up-to-date, better than any other firm in the immigration business. That communication will include a formal, monthly update to you, in writing, to let you know where your case stands, and brief you on any significant developments. It will also include more frequent, informal communications - for instance, calls or e-mails to or from your IHL Case Manager, on any issue or question that is of concern to you.

Finally, "Customer Care" at IHL means we go the extra mile for you - sometimes in unconventional ways.  It means that if you face a particularly challenging test or hearing, and need someone to accompany you, we'll be there. It means that until your objectives are achieved, your problems are our problems, and your concerns are our concerns. It means we're in this together.


Immigration is a high-stakes process for you, our client. It can affect important things in your life:  where you can live, what you can legally do, whether your loved ones can join you....  It's a process that can be long enough, challenging enough - and even frustrating enough, at times - for you without having to chase after your immigration lawyer for information, or worrying whether he or she is doing what they committed to do.

IHL Immigration understands that "Customer Care" isn't only about making things more pleasant for you, or making you feel valued or cared for (although we think that's important, too!).

Here's the reality. In our experience, an immigration firm that cares enough to give you superior "Customer Care" will be devoted enough in its mission to go the extra mile in achieving your immigration goals - in winning your case.  A firm that does a bad job in Customer Care will do a mediocre job on your immigration case.

It's that simple.
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