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The IHL Immigration Method - Designed to Succeed

Our Approach

When you engage IHL Immigration, you are immediately assigned a Case Manager. This individual is highly knowledgeable in immigration matters. He or she becomes an important person to you. A friend.  An advocate. A confidant(e) - someone whom you can trust, and who "has your back".  An ally in a process that can be long, or challenging, or frustrating at times.

Your Case Manager will take personal responsibility for guiding your immigration case to a successful conclusion - and for providing you superior client care along the way.  No one can guarantee results when courts and government bureaucracies are involved. But we can guarantee that your case will be handled in the most professional, effective and efficient way possible.

Your Case Manager will make sure that your case is analyzed by our Immigration Legal Team and our Immigration Support Team, so that the best strategy can be devised for success at the outset. A lawyer - and in certain cases, more than one - will be assigned to do your immigration legal work.   Other experts from our Immigration Support Team will be brought in as needed to advance and expedite your case, and to provide you with any assistance that may be required - in writing letters or personal statements, obtaining documents, doing critical research, etc. When appropriate, they can accompany you to interviews, exams, court hearings and the like.

The constant in all of this will be your IHL Immigration Case Manager. This person will go through the entire process with you.  They will coordinate the resources of our Immigration Legal Team and Immigration Support Team to advance your case. They will report to you monthly and keep you informed as necessary in between.You can reach out to them 24/7. 

Why it Works

Our process works because it brings the right resources to bear on any assignment, in the most efficient way possible, and in a way that delivers unmatched client care.

Some immigration cases required extensive legal work and litigation. And for those cases, we have the best legal talent in the business (see TALENT page).   But in other cases, legal work makes up only 5% of the tasks needed to achieve success - other skills come into play, like information management, research, and even international relations/diplomacy, requiring sophisticated area knowledge.  Some immigration cases are battles of attrition: you have to try, fail, and try again several times before achieving success.

IHL Immigration has a wider array of tools available to it, and utilizes them more effectively to achieve success in immigration cases, especially the challenging ones. And we do so in a way that lowers costs for the client. 

That's the secret to our success.  


What most impressed me about Ira Heller was the care and attention that he gave my case. He was wonderful about taking my calls, addressing my questions and concerns, and keeping me informed. His rates were reasonable. And he delivered results: my case was successfully resolved. I can recommend him to others without reservation.
- Herman Nagar
A neighbor recommended Ira to us. After we engaged him, we were shocked because we felt like our troubles became his troubles. The intensity with which he attacked our case was awesome. He achieved results that surpassed our expectations. We met a great lawyer and made a great friend.
- Leon Lewinson
We were privileged to have Mr. Heller work on the citizenship application of my wife. My wife had 2 concerning legal issues which were not in her favor. However from what we felt was a hopeless case, with Mr. Heller's counsel, choice of approach and unique wisdom, My wife is now able to sing ...... "and I am proud to be an American."
I highly recommend Mr. Ira Heller as am immigration lawyer and can safely say he was personally concerned about every expect of my case. He gave trusted advice and stuck with me till every option is applied.
I will be calling on him for any immigration case I may have in the future. I suggest you do too. you will be choosing a lawyer who will go all the way to give you the best representation.
- Bankie Robinson
As a green card holder, I engaged Ira Heller Esq. to do my petition for citizenship last year. He gave me valuable assistance with all phases of the process: filling out of all questionnaires and forms, drafting of my personal statement, drafting of required letters, etc. I was equally impressed by the way his office worked: I was regularly called and kept up to date; I was given reminders when key dates or milestones were approaching; and I was generally left with the impression that Ira Heller Law LLC was on top of the immigration process in my case. Ira Heller himself is someone who goes the extra mile for you. I took the citizenship test the first time and failed. The second time, Ira went with me - and I passed. I can give him and his immigration team an enthusiastic "thumbs-up."
- Yaniv Nagar
He's a professional of the highest caliber. I was not just a number with him. He took good care of me and won my case!!! What more could you ask.
- MARK (Posted on Avvo)
Ira got us our I-130 alien petition approved, he was very detailed in the argument of our appeal. It was successful and we are extremely happy about this. He was very caring, patient and on top of our paperwork. We not only got an attorney, we also found a friend.
- Anonymous (Posted on Avvo)
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