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We Provide Unmatched Value

Our Value Proposition To You

The Highest Quality Services on the Market, at Prices 20% - 30% Below Average Prices on the Market

"Value" is simply the relationship of quality to price.

Ordinary, successful companies offer high-quality products or services at high prices. Or else, they offer modest quality at lower prices.  

Market leaders find ways to offer breakthrough quality - best-in-class service - at low prices that beat the market. IHL Immigration aims to be such a market leader, by delivering superior value in immigration services.

As indicated in the accompanying charts, our value proposition to you is simple. We'll deliver the highest quality immigration services and customer care to you - at prices that are 20% to 30% lower, on average, than prices for comparable services in the New York metropolitan and New Jersey markets. And we'll do the same in other markets we enter.

How We're Able to Do This

We can deliver values like this because we've applied a new model to immigration services:  we're approaching it as a service and customer care business, as well as a legal practice.

We've developed better methods, better management systems, and better techniques to achieving our clients' objectives. We've tested them, and they work.

We don't charge lawyer rates for tasks that can be done better, faster, and cheaper by non-lawyers. And that frees up our legal talent to concentrate on the crucial tasks that only they can do.

Try us. Or speak to someone who has - we can provide you with references. See for yourself what IHLI means by "A Better Way to Do Immigration."
IHLI: A Better Way To Do Immigration